Write your own Autobiography

Auto Dot Biography

The book that only you can write – the story

of your own life. This unique online program makes it incredibly easy to create a

beautifully written, illustrated, hardback book, which is your legacy, the ultimate

gift for your family.

Autodotbiography is a new word, a new product and a

brand new concept.

It is a unique online system that means anyone can tell

the story of their life creating a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated hardback

book. It is an incredibly simple system. All the purchaser has to do is answer simple

questions about their life, add photographs and documents and autodotbiography does

the rest.

“ It’s gorgeous. Beautifully put together” – Robert G, retired

police inspector from Norfolk.

“An incredibly valuable gift for our children”

– Mike C, Marketing Director from London

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