Don´t allow Xmas to overfill your stockings this year!


Tips to Eat, Drink & lose weight this Xmas! – Stuff the Diet!

If you are celebrating Christmas, there´s not long to go now until the festive feast begins.  Here are some healthy hints and tips to help you stay true to your weight loss goals – this Christmas.

Offering nibbles: go for healthy crudités, simple sticks of carrot, celery, pepper or cucumber to munch on served alongside a low-fat tasty dip made from low fat natural yoghurt, garlic clove (crushed) grated cucumber and chopped mint or a Sexy Salsa Dip made from a tin of chopped tomatoes, onion (finely chopped) and chilli powder OR the hip nibble of the moment, vegetable crisps, purely thin strips of roasted vegetables, slice carrot, parsnips, Swedes, aubergines, potato laid on a baking tray in a 150 degree oven and bake slowly until they are the texture of autumn leaves OR for a sweet version, fruit crisps, strips of banana, apples and pears in the same way.


Soups are in: Cold soups are trendy at the moment – from vichyssoise to gazpacho.  Vichyssoise is simply a cold leek and potato soup make a low fat option with crème fraiche served in a coffee cup for an extra chic look. Gazpacho can be made with tin tomatoes, garlic, onions and olive oil in a blender and whiz until smooth add crème fraiche to serve.  For a trendy touch serve in a shot glass with bread sticks or vegetable crisps to dip.

Hot, hot, hot: Warming hot vegetable soups, very low in fat, and very filling are ideal choice for a buffet table, starter or evening super.  Spicy carrot, add ginger or coriander for an extra kick; roasted pumpkin, spicy squash and chickpea, spiced parsnip all served with vegetable crisps or toasted pitta bread.

Pile on the veg: Go easy on the potatoes and pile on the vegetables.

Delicious Desserts: Don’t deprive yourself, have a lighter option available such as Tropical Fruit Kebab, Christmas Clementine Trifle, home made fruit sorbets OR go light, Swap cream for fromage frais, crème fraiche low fat yoghurt with sweetener added.

Blitz the Booze: prepare your own non-alcoholic cocktails OR select low calorie mixers to save the “empty Calories”.  Add casera or gaseosa to your wine to help if go further – drink more for less! Remember martini has less calories than other spirits such as vodka, whiskey, gin.

Get going: get friends and family together to get moving – play family games in the park on the beach, play a game of treasure hunt in the woods, walk your way to a weight loss.  Avoid the 5 hour sofa slump!

Present the present:  Tell family and friends the gifts you would like that don’t involve tempting food or booze.  A pampering gift such as a voucher to spoil yourself with a new hairstyle, massage, pedicure or manicure; luxurious lingerie; beautiful body lotions or bath bubbles; or personal weight loss guidance for 2010!

Be who you want to be in 2010:  Make 2010 the year, you be who you want to be.  Set yourself small milestones to achieve what you want to achieve.  Put yourself first!  Consider how changing how you feel about yourself may impact the rest of your life: business, career, relationships and health.   Ask for help and get support.


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